Washington DC Part Two

Thursday 22nd October


Yesterday afternoon, I walked into the Kennedy Center to be greeted by a massive advertising screen featuring the poster for ‘Sancho’ and my mug besides it. The fact that this mighty institution that sits on the edge of the Potomac River and a stones throw away from Capitol Hill is housing my little play moved me greatly. Because here, at last, is Sancho, a man who hoped one day to try his fortune in America. Here he is at the very place where decisions to separate from England were taken; decisions that broke his heart. I was a bit teary, frankly. But never mind all that emotional stuff; this morning after my ‘Rocky Run’ up the steps of the Lincoln memorial in the glorious sunshine, I am now washing my running gear in the sink of the hotel.


As Tim Smith, my producer suggested, this blog should now be renamed, ‘Washing My Smalls in The Sink. The Story of Paterson Joseph.’


My friend Finbar Lynch, I discovered yesterday, is in the big theatre space here performing with Juliette Binoche. Antigone happens to be on tour here so we will meet for a brunch in a few minutes. Haven’t seen Fin socially for about 7 years! Appropriate then that we should forgo meeting in London, where we both live, to meet here in Washington. The actor’s life in a nutshell.


Then it’s on to a tech rehearsal, lunch and a dress rehearsal. The theatre is beautiful. It’s about to be renovated, I’m told, so I may be one of the last shows to play this old space. We’re expecting a three-quarter full house, I think. Out of 400 seats that’s not a bad return for a show no-one here has seen, and with an actor and subject no-one has really heard of.


My hopes are that the students coming tomorrow for the morning show will ‘get’ the language. They’re between the ages of 14 and late teens. Let’s hope they like it.