Washington DC Part Four

Saturday, 24th October.

Last night was the best show I have ever done in my life. I say that with no hint of exaggeration. It was relaxed, powerful and above all utterly alive. The audience were sophisticated, attentive and incredibly smart. I have never had so clear a reaction to the moments of melancholy before. The real emotions inherent in Sancho’s rather laid back style were exposed; the political story was as clear as a bell to them, and they let me know in no uncertain terms that they agreed with his desire, with his need, to stand up and be counted as a voting citizen.

Is it just because the people of Washington truly believe in the right to vote. And the power of this simple yet effective action? Who knows? It can be no coincidence, though, that the applause in Washington was palpably stronger here than anywhere else so far. I am incredibly happy. I know Sancho would be proud of himself.

Final show for this leg tonight. I know it will be hard to ‘top’ that first night show, but Saturday night’s performance will be entered into with the knowledge that SANCHO works beautifully with an audience willing to learn about something new and hungry for stories of politics and triumph.


It’s noon and I’ve been invited by the cast of Antigone to play a warm up game with them and the crew called ‘Aisle Ball’. Never played it before but Finbar assured me that it would be fun. He also told everyone that I’m really competitive. He ain’t lying…I will win. I only hope Juliette Binoche stays out of my hitting range. We don’t want a cancellation on their penultimate night of performances, do we...

The great Kwame Kwei-Armah, actor, writer and Artistic Director of the prestigious Centerstage Theater in Baltimore, will be watching SANCHO tonight. Can’t wait to see my brother again. The last time we met was at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2013 when I was performing Julius Caesar there with the RSC. Seems I can only see certain mates on this side of the pond, and only in the theatre!!